Antibiotics during Labour

  • posted by hef

    I was recently administered infusions of antibiotics during labour as it was 24 hrs after my waters broke without labour starting.
    The baby latched on right away and breastfeeding is going well and he is gaining weight. I am concerned that both our gut bacteria have been compromised. Should I now take probiotics and if so which ones or would it be better to drink kefir daily?

  • posted by Firefox7275

    Pleased to read you and baby are bonding so well!

    Unfortunately there is no single pill, potion or foodstuff that will restore the diversity of your microbiomes. Research suggests a really wide variety of prebiotic rich wholefoods, plus the widest possible variety of probiotic rich fermented foods is important.

    It would be safest to discuss including fermented dairy products (kefir, soft unpasteurised cheeses etc) in your diet with your dietician/ obstetrician or suchlike.

    Prof. Tim Spector (British Gut Project) has a particular Interest in ‘vaginal seeding’ at birth, in part because his wife needed a cesaerian section. You might read up on his recommendations? Your medical team will hopefully be open to discussing the research to date.

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