Raw Mushroom & Onion Salad

Recipe by Firefox7275

  • Time needed: Ten minutes
  • Calories per serving:
  • Servings: One
  • Difficulty: 1
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• 2 larger/ 4 smaller chestnut mushrooms
• 1/2 red onion OR 2 Spring onions, white and green parts
• 1 serving lemon & green olive dressing (recipe listed separately)
• Fresh parsley
• Toasted flaked almonds
• OR toasted chopped hazelnuts.


Thinly slice the mushrooms and onion. Gently toss the vegetables in the dressing.
Leave to sit for a couple of hours, or until the mushrooms appear 'cooked'. Top with psrsley and toasted nuts immediately beforre eating.
Serve with soft goats cheese or oily fish.

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